Saturday, July 12, 2008

Should IT managers be held acountable for energy costs?

Last week I took the opportunity to post a copy of my latest blog entry onto Wikibon. For those of you who do not regularly reference Wikibon you are missing out on a wealth of interesting and valuable storage related commentary.
Many thanks to Dave Vallente who took the time to respond with thoughtful extensions.

Dave wrote:

Gartner has claimed that less than 5% of CIO's actually see the power bill and an informal survey of the Wikibon community has confirmed that this tiny figure is probably overstated! The other comment I would make is that the figure of 1.5% is meaningful and almost certainly understates the impact of IT on the environment. When you consider that about 1/2 of IT is actually IN the data center (PC's, printers, mobile devices, etc) it could be reasonably argued that IT energy consumption is closer to 3%. When you factor in the energy costs of manufacturing IT equipment the figure could perhaps be as high as 6%. In this context, the technology industry has an imperative to lead in finding solutions. The good news is technology can help us address the problem with a vision that technology can be applied to measure and conserve energy across the entire value chain of an organization.

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