Wednesday, August 27, 2008

COPAN and Quantum combine to provide a MAID based archive solution

Today COPAN Systems announced their partnership with Quantum to deliver a file based archive solution based on Enterprise MAID, disk storage technology. This is a solution that has been in the works for some time and addresses one of the more significant knocks against MAID. A lack of file system integration fueled by the fact that file systems are not MAID aware. This deficiency has prevented the development of MAID based data archive solution. The early opportunity identified for MAID solutions was Back-Up/Restore which explains why the majority of MAID installations today are virtual tape libraries (VTL).
This tighly integrated "black box" approach is a valid tactic that deals with the unique characteristics of MAID, particularly power managed LUNs. Integration with the Stornext File System is a good first step with more I suspect to follow. This particular solution has been up and running through the integration efforts of a mutual partner Keeper Technology and has been installed with a number of Federal users for some time. Next step, at least in my humble opinion will be the introduction of a native file based interface that that will facilitate integration with a broader selection of file systems. Perhaps then will COPAN deliver on its market promise.

One small point of correction. The COPAN System solution can support up to 896 SATA drives, which equates to 896 TB of raw capacity, not user capacity as the press release would have us believe.

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