Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Notes from the rumor mill - Infiniflex 10000, aka Hulk, and Maui.

1. Expect Hulk and Maui to be announcement next month. (not holding breath :)

2. While we are talking about announcements have a look at EMC's latest Clarion CX4 line - support for flash drives in the top two models - subtle promise for full product line support for flash - drive spin down feature - 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM SATA support, one of their energy efficiency "features". Many other features were announced but these are the ones that triggered my energy efficiency sensitivity.

3. Apparently the Hulk+Ibrix combination did not cut it - so I guess I have to eat my words, somewhat, and admit that Hulk and Maui are now more tightly interconnected.

4. Apparently EMC has realized that the platform is not it!! REALLY - many of us have been aware for some time that end users need workable solutions not "Lego Set" components.

5. Apparently the reality is that EMC now understands that Hulk needs a deeper set of storage services than originally planned. According to the grapevine the feedback EMC received from their beta sites has caused them to go back to the drawing board and it was this touch of reality that has delayed Hulks introduction. However I am not inclined to retract my earlier position and still feel that the political positioning question still exists. See earlier posting.

6. The question still remains - does 300TB qualify as a single frame, highly dense architecture, my humble opinion is no. However the EMC rumor suggests we just wait, apparently more is coming on the capacity front.

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