Friday, November 21, 2008

Improving the Economics of Large Scale Storage

Those interested in the HP ExDs 9100 mass storage solution may be interested in a white paper I co-authored and just posted on my web site - click here

This paper contrasts three clustered NAS solutions and a traditional, monolithic approach. The focus of the paper was to consider hard ROI metrics and to discuss which architectures are most suited for today's dynamically growing secondary storage market. The following is an abstract.

"Executives seeking to reduce the costs associated with data storage while improving service levels can do both by investing in innovative storage architectures. However, a break from traditional thinking is required if meaningful cost reductions and operational efficiencies are to be realized. Scale out storage is such an approach and is gaining momentum in enterprise data centers that are struggling under the pressure of dramatic data growth and increasing business demands for rapid access to both current and historical enterprise data."

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