Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Highlights of today’s Symmetrix V-Max announcement.

EMC announced their latest 3rd generation Symmetrix architecture today the labeled the Virtual Matrix Architecture. The announcement was kicked off by Tucci who positioned the event as both the introduction of a new architecture as well and the introduction of the first V-Max product. Donatelli then proceeded to give a bit more detail.

The following are the highlights I captured during his presentation.

  • Symmetrix was introduced 18 years ago, this is the 3rd generation architecture.
  • The intelligence and the compute resources are contained in a module called the Symmetrix V-Max Engine. Multiple engines can be matrix together with capacity resources in a scale-out architecture.
  • Claimed to be the first high end array built on a scale out architecture.
  • Initial product will support up to 8 V-MAX engines but the architecture is designed to support 256.
  • Positioned as larger, faster and more efficient. 3x the performance, 3x the capacity and 2x the connectivity of the DMX-4.
  • The messaging encapsulates the performance and efficiency of scale-up with the flexibility and cost of scale out. (EMC words not mine.)
  • First high end array build with industry standard components.
  • An architecture designed for the private cloud compute infrastructure and the virtual data center.
  • Supports SSD, 450GB 25K RPM FC Drives and 1TB SATA Drives.
  • Talked about FAST, Fully Automated Storage Tiering - software that automates the movement and placement of data based on changing needs - optimizing the integration of SSD, FC Drives and SATA Drives within the storage system.
  • Messaged as a storage architecture that bridges the physical and the virtual world.
  • My understanding is that the starter price for the DMX-4 and the V-Max will be about the same $250k +/-.

No doubt that this will be a game changer by EMC and begs the question - "Is this the physical enabler for Atmos? Scale-out architecture have been well accepted in the HPC world for many years with the cost, performance, flexibility and efficiency attributes increasing its popularity in the mid tier. However scale out architectures have not gained broad acceptance to date in the data center. This announcement will change that and will establish storage clustering as a legitimate data center storage option.

For more details check out the press release at: http://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2009/20090414-01.htme

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