Monday, August 30, 2010

The Performance Gap Dilemma

The storage industry is very cognizant of the number of conflicting challenges that they are facing. Not the least is the ever increasing gap between CPU performance and disk based storage performance.

Late last year I pulled together a chart to help illustrate this interesting challenge. Using the approximation of 50% + or -, annual growth in CPU performance and a 10% + or -, annual performance growth of storage there is an increasing widening in the performance gap between the CPU demand for I/O performance and the ability of a storage solution to deliver. The chart opposite was created using these assumptions and as can be seen it results in an approximate 25x to 2x disparity in performance growth over the past 10 years between CPU and disk-based storage.

There is little surprise that in data intensive environments such as transactional-heavy DB applications, business & financial analytics, data mining, data warehousing, production archive, virtual machine deployment and VDI are in many cases becoming classified as performance starved applications looking for a storage solution that can deliver the high velocity data they need to be fully effective.

It is this dilemma and the need to close the performance gap that has created the opportunity for SSD.

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