Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 SSD Venture Backing on Track to Surpass 2009 Investment Levels.

At the recent Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara the Strategic Advisory Services Group (SASI) presented and interesting look at the investment activity in the evolving world of SSD’s. Despite our current economic challenges 2009 recorded a modest increase in total monies invested with 2010 currently on a trajectory to exceed 2009.

2006 – 2 rounds - $20M
2007 – 4 rounds - $68M
2008 – 8 rounds – $112.2M
2009 – 6 rounds – $129M
1H 2010 - 4 rounds - $78.1M

Some of the leading recipients include; FusionIO receiving $111.5M since 2008, Unity Semiconductor at $48M Violin at $30M, Pliant, SandForce, Innovative Silicon, Schooner each securing investments well over the $20M mark.

Despite the economic times it looks like solid state is a popular area with storage investors. Good news for the emerging SSD innovators.

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