Monday, April 11, 2011

Gridstore delivers on the promise of affordable scale-out storage for the SMB

Not since I was introduced to Scale Computing a few years ago and witnessed EMC's roll-out of the SMB specific VNXe storage have I been impressed with storage targeted at the SMB. Gridstore is the latest entrant to be applauded with a NAS scale out solution that while billed as enterprise class comes with a very miserly price tag of $499 for 1TB node and $599 for a 2TB node.

Called the NASg for network attached storage grid, it is unique in that it offloads the storage processing from the storage nodes, distributing it across a network of powerful client servers. Clients connected to the grid need Gridstore software installed that will enable them into the pool of storage clients, each having parallel access to a virtualized pool of storage nodes. This leveraging of excess compute power in the client base eliminates the need for dedicated storage controllers, not only simplifying performance scalability but enabling a very competitive price point.

Adding storage nodes is equally straightforward. As each node is connected to storage poolit self configures with the only indication to the uses that an event has occurred is the increase in available storage in the virtualized storage pool. Could not be much simpler for the SMB.

Currently supported on all windows platforms the NASg storage nodes come in a 1U form factor that can be mounted in a desktop configuration or in a rack.

I have read the press release, received a briefing from Kelly Murphy, CEO of Gridstore and look forward to a demo sometime in the next few weeks, all inputs appear to support their claim that their NASg storage solution delivers a scalable enterprise class performance and reliability to the SMB enabling a cost effective way to 100% “storage “ uptime to the midsize business.


Carl said...

What was the outcome of your Gridstore follow up and demo.
It does seem appealing (though not overly rack space efficient)

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