Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What happened with Agami?


BadTux said...

I saw it coming when I checked their web site a few months ago and realized that they had no new hardware there. What they were selling was obsolete hardware designed four years ago by outsourced hardware design firms and never really completed past beta quality because at the time Agami had no hardware engineers on staff. Without your own expertise on staff you simply can't get better than beta quality out of outsourced design firms.

Any hardware company that does not release updated hardware in a timely manner is going to end up in the trash heap eventually, but Agami never really had the internal culture of a hardware company until it was too late. They viewed themselves internally as a filesystem company that happened to sell hardware, rather than as a hardware company that also had a neat filesystem, and this is the result -- investors losing patience because the product has become obsolete with no new product in sight and deciding to pull the plug. (Assuming that the plug actually *has* been pulled, rather than Agami deciding to take a company-wide vacation all at the same time, heh!).

BillM said...

Interesting you were obviously paying a lot more attention than myself. I am wondering however about the the health of the smaller storage guys. My understanding is that Ciprico has gone down and Sanrad is in trouble. If all true not good signs.

zoratu said...
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