Sunday, February 1, 2009

MAID - Massive array of Idle Disks

For those interested in MAID technology I have just updated my white paper on the subject. Copies of this paper are available on my web site.


MAID delivers the ultimate in energy efficient, storage density, on-line storage architectures. However, not all that is called MAID is equal, nor is much of what is called MAID actually MAID, at least as it was originally defined. A number of companies and industry observers are using the MAID terminology to describe software features imposed on traditional architectures. These features can deliver some energy efficiencies by drive spin down but the free use of the term MAID is misleading. This paper is an attempt to set the record straight and provide a straight forward description of MAID, what a MAID solution is and is not, and where such a solution is likely to deliver the most benefit.