Monday, March 16, 2009

Rorke Data continues to execute on their vision of leadership in the HD, 2K and 4K film post market.

A number of months ago I posted a blog on a storage company I came across called Rorke Data Systems and at the time I asked the question, “Who is Rorke Data?” What left me “gob-smacked” was the fact that they had shipped over 7000 systems, over a 20 year period, world-wide. They were well established in the motion picture, medical imaging and video surveillance markets and they were not on my radar screen. At the time I spoke with Joe Swanson, President of Rorke Data who was clearly very bullish about their future and with their recent announcement Rorke is apparently following through on this vision.

Rorke Data has just announcement the latest generation of their Galaxy© Aurora storage solution that features 8GbFC or Infiniband interfaces or as an option, both. Supporting HD, 2K including stereoscopic and single stream 4K workflows the platform delivers one of the lowest acquisition costs for a performance storage device at $1/GB MSRP.

Highlights of the latest solution:

  • 1700MB/s on 1, 2 or 4 ports.
  • Supports IB or 8Mb/s FC simultaneously on the same storage appliance.
  • SAN or DAS.
  • 12 to 22TB of usable RAID 6 storage.
  • Supports multi-stream HD, 2K (including 3D) and single stream 4Kworkflows.
  • SAS and SATA supported.

Rorke is a subsidiary of Bell Micro which gives the substance and strength enjoyed by their larger competitors. They have no end user brand recognition as they exclusively distribute through third parties. They are not a company that end user will call on but obviously many are enjoying the benefits of their technology.