Friday, July 17, 2009

Brocade survey highlights why IT departments should have accountability for utility spend.

Twelve months ago I posted a blog that questioned whether IT managers should be held accountable for energy costs. The July 2009 survey commissioned by Brocade would suggest yes.

The survey had an international sample base of 1050 with IT professionals in North America, Europe, Nordic Region and the Middle East represented.

There was an interesting and even split between the respondent with one half having organization pressure to specifically cut the power while the balance simply had the directive to cut operational costs. The survey found that in 50% of those interviewed facilities management owned the IT power bill, the rest, either IT owned it directly or shared the responsibility with facilities. Where facilities owned the budget there was little cooperation between IT and Facilities on energy conservation efforts.

Other than confirming the premise of my earlier blog there is a lot of interesting stuff in this report and is certainly worth a read.

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