Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nexsan and FalconStor = MAID+Data Deduplication

Nexsan and FalconStor announced today, a partnership that integrates the data deduplication software from FalconStor with Nexsan’s highly energy efficient, AutoMaid storage architecture.

Being someone who is heavily biased in favor of MAID like techniques and storage optimization techniques such as data deduplication to drive meaningful energy efficiencies, this is a partnership that I loudly applaud.

I look at the integration of Nexsan’s AutoMaid and FalconStor’s File-interface Deduplication System (FCS) as the best of two worlds delivering what is probably the most energy efficient, on-line data storage solution for active and semi-active data.

Nexsan has developed a strong reputation in the mid-market space but with the integration of FalconStor’s MAID aware deduplication solution, Nexsan has opened significant opportunities in both the active archive space and in the high volume persistent data archive space.

Nexsan’s new tag line “Speed with Green” is a play on the performance difference between AutoMaid and the original MAID Revolution product line from COPAN Systems. The COPAN approach has two drive states, on or off and limits active drives to 25% of the total installable drives. The Nexsan approach is to allow all drives to be active or defined groups of drives be migrated to one of three states of energy efficiency based on the activity characteristics of the hosted data.

The levels of AutoMaid and associated access times to first data are as follows;

  • Level: up to 20% energy savings but with a sub-second response to 1st I/O request.
  • Level 2: up to 40% energy savings and up to 15 seconds response to first I/O request. (SATA drives only)
  • Level 3: up to 60% energy savings and up to 30 seconds response to 1st I/O request.

Note: In all cases subsequent requests are at normal on-line access speeds.

Impressive green qualifications that have been recognized by PG&E and declared eligible for their energy efficiency incentive awards. “

“Speed with Green” indeed”.