Wednesday, January 19, 2011

EMC Takes a on the Low End SMB Market

EMC has taken serious aim at the low end, SMB space. The new entry level VNXe (part of
the new VNX line announced yesterday) is IP based (NFS/CIFS/iSCSI) and hits the market with a lower cost ($9,499) than the previous price leader Dell.

The packaging of the product appears to be complete. It has a user interface that is wizard driven and very intuitive, file data dedupe/compression, thin provisioning and snapshot are included in the base unit and the self maintenance appears to be well thought out and very manageable by the unsophisticated storage user that characterizes many SMB environments.

However their increasingly aggressive channel focus is the game changer. With a product that has all the attributes to resonate with the SMB’s, with an expansion of their distribution network, tripling the number of channel partners and with $20M of allocated G-T-M funding my bet is that they will create a new paradigm in the low end of the storage market.

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