Friday, July 11, 2014

Revisiting a popular post: "10 Reasons Why Technology Companies Fail"

A number of years ago I penned a blog that discussed ten of the more common reasons why technology companies fail. To my surprise and pleasure it is still resonating with readers as evidenced by the feedback I still receive. This has encouraged me to expand on the original and to start this process I have compiled a top of mind list of issues that that encompasses the original "failure criteria". This is not a complete list and not in any particular order but is a starting point. Over the next few weeks/months I plan to develop laundry list and would welcome any thoughts and ideas that would strengthen its content. 

1.  Leadership motivation wrong (passion_persistence)
2.  Incomplete leadership_ dysfunctional leadership/management. (conflicting agendas)
3.  Operational mediocrity/inefficiencies.
4.  Inability to think and act fast. Too dogmatic and unable or unwilling to react to market realities
5.  No mentors or advisers.
6.  Insufficient funding.
7.  Unprofitable or no business model.
8.  Over-expansion, out of control growth.
9.  Marketing and sales teams that are disconnected..
10. A launch team that is not a team.
11. An idea that is not scalable.
12. No or a poor go-to-market strategy
13. A launch strategy based on a checklist and not market reality.
14. Myopic or extraneous market strategy.22.
15. Myopic focus on innovation - organizations driven by innovation without considering or understanding its contribution to the market.
16. Overly optimistic marketing plan and sales expectations.
17. Incomplete product.
18. Undifferentiated product - no market resonance.
19. Weak or confused market focus.
20. Confused value messaging, poor positioning, unclear and weak value proposition.
21. Channel confusion.
22. Executive thing that promotion is marketing.

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